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Minimum computer requirements to use our teaching system:

Internet Speed: DSL or higher
CPU: 1 GHZ or faster

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We are currently reviewing applications for exceptional teachers for our new online music school. We are looking for instructors with years of experience and passion for teaching. We want teachers who are exceedingly positive and can effectively share their enthusiasm with their students. You must be comfortable with new technology and in front of a video camera. A high-speed internet connection, webcam, and headphones (or ear buds) are required.

If you think you would be an good candidate for consideration, Sign up for an account today and apply to be part of our teaching staff.

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  • Here are some reasons why working for Tune Up! will benefit you as a teacher:

    Hours at your convenience
    When you teach locally at a music shop, hours tend to be limited to traditional hours 4:00pm to 9:00pm and maybe Saturdays. This is because most students are either in school or at work during the day. For the professional musician, this creates a time conflict with performances. Because we are an international site here at Tune Up! Music School, you can set your availability for anytime during the day or night any day of the week. Teach students globally during the day while still being able to make your gig at night. Or teach late night or early AM if that is your style. This can be incredibly convenient to your schedule and effectively increase your income.

    You are free to set your own schedule, change it at any time, and even plan your vacation days in advance as needed! You will love the ease of our scheduling format.

    Dependable Paycheck
    Students are required to give 24hr notice for a reschedule or cancellation. Teachers are paid in full for their lessons for pesky last-minute cancellations or frustrating no shows. We value your time!

    Less expenses, more personal time
    No fuel costs, no drive time!

    Unique & useful tools for both teacher and student
    Integrated right into our video chat program are some great features helpful to the both of you. Easily share any type of file (like MP3's, Music notation, tab, text documents, pictures, chord-generators) share YouTube videos, and a fun handy whiteboard - simultaneously accessible to you and your student.

    You keep more of what you earn, choose your own rate, we handle all the details!
    Earn more in less time at Tune Up! Music School. When you teach at a local music store, they typically charge between $25 and $35 for a half hour lesson, but usually a teacher only receives about $10-$15 of that, as well as bearing the burden of out-of-pocket fuel costs and drive time. The traditional school needs to collect a large percentage due to high overhead costs: rent or commercial loan, utilities, other employees, advertising, etc.

    At Tune Up! Music School, you set the price for a half hour lesson (we suggest $25-$40 USD per 1/2 hr), and we collect only $6.50 flat fee with no other costs associated with the site. Set up is free, there is no annual fee or any hidden or additional fees. We process payments for you, issue refunds, and ALL of the scheduling and customer service in this unique platform. If the student has a billing, technical, scheduling or customer service question - send them to us. All you have to do is teach! We also offer some fantastic tools to help facilitate the teaching process, so you can feel more organized and productive.

    Time zone differences - no problem.
    Our back-end system reconfigures lesson times with correct time zones - automatically - when the student logs in!

    Keep your local students even if they relocate!
    So one of your local private students move across town...or across country...or overseas! no problem! Now you can continue teaching them with Tune Up! Music School with ease no matter where they live.

    Teach from the road, or when away from home
    Tune Up! also makes it possible for teachers to keep or fit in students when they are on tour or on a working vacation. Teach from the road with your trusty laptop.

    Comming Soon - Workshops & Master Classes
    If you have developed an effective workshop or master class, you will soon be able to offer this to anyone, not just your regular students! This will be an exciting opportunity and we will be looking to advertise these virtual events in unique ways.

    We are selective! We will be choosing our teachers from the best applicants. We highly suggest a video sample/introduction to introduce your teaching style or ability to perspective students who may discover you on our site.

    Click here to create an account today for consideration to be a part of our team.
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